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Ⅰ 化學性質用英語怎麼說

[詞典] [化] chemical property;
The allotropes of carbon include diamond, graphite and charcoal, all with the same chemical properties.

Ⅱ 化學污染 用英語怎麼說

化學污染chemical pollution
農業污染agriculture pullution
水污染water pollution

Ⅲ 化學性質 英文

化學性質 chemical property
例如:硫酸的化學性質 the chemical properties of sulphuric acid

Ⅳ 化學的英文是什麼



英 [ˈkemɪkl]美 [ˈkɛmɪkəl]


  1. The whole food chain is affected by the overuse of chemicals in agriculture.


  2. The state allotted them large quantities of chemical fertilizer.


  3. We must rece the danger of war by controlling nuclear, chemical and conventional arms.


  4. We are exposed to an overwhelming number of chemical contaminants every day in our air, water and food.


  5. Such a war could result in the use of chemical and biological weapons.




Ⅳ 危害的英語翻譯 危害用英語怎麼說

危害[wēi hài]
harm; damage; endanger; detriment; compromise
英 [hɑ:m] 美 [hɑ:rm]
第三人稱單數: harms 復數: harms 現在分詞: harming 過去式: harmed 過去分詞: harmed
Low-priced imports will harm the instry.

Ⅵ 化學危險品,英語怎麼說

化學危險品 Hazardous chemical procts

Ⅶ 化學危險品,英語怎麼說

Hazardous Chemical Substances

Hazardous Chemical Substances

Ⅷ 化學的英語怎麼說



美 [ˈkɛməstri]

Ⅸ 英語翻譯

First, goods and information providers

Item number: 1301

Manufacturers and suppliers name and telephone:

Emergency contact phone / fax Tel:

Second, the major components of characters and

In English and Chinese names: calcium sulfate whisker (ONODA-GDF)

Hazardous material composition (percentage of ingredients): 99%

Third, the information against Discrimination

Endanger the health effects of hazards:

Acute: inhalation: powder inhalation may stimulate the nose, throat, lungs and respiratory system. A lot of powder

Will lead to a cough, runny nose and sneezes of the phenomenon. If the sustained development of respiratory symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.

Skin: sulfuric acid Gaifen toxic but does not have to absorb moisture in the air, long-term exposure may lead to skin

Inflammation and swelling.

Eyes: to stimulate direct contact with eyes. If pain and redness, itching, pain or other symptoms of sustainable development, should immediately seek medical treatment.

Ingestion: calcium sulfate edible but excessive intake will lead to intestinal function of obstruction.

Chronic inhalation: long-term and repeated exposure may lead to lung disease.

Environmental impact: --

Physical and chemical hazards: --

Special hazards: --

The main symptoms: boost flu, coughs, sneezes, skin inflammation and swelling

Articles hazard classification: --

4, first-aid measures

Different way of first aid exposure:

Inhalation: st exposure to leave the area until coughing and other symptoms subside. If symptoms persist, seek medical treatment immediately.

Skin contact: Use mild soap and water washing and drying to maintain. If symptoms persist, seek medical treatment immediately.

Eye contact: water to wash for 15 minutes to remove particles. If symptoms persist, seek medical treatment immediately.

Ingestion: excessive intake may lead to intestinal function hampered, if there are any wrong, please seek medical treatment immediately.

The most important symptoms and effects of hazards: --

Emergency personnel on the protection: --

Tip of the physician: --

5, fire-fighting measures

Application of extinguishing agents: --

When the fire could face special hazards: --

Special fire fighting proceres: --

The special protective equipment for firefighters: --

6, leakage approach

Should pay attention to personal matters: wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Environmental note: the region for ventilation.

Clean-up methods:

1. To avoid leakage of access to sewer drain.

2. Such as the security situation under way by leakage or leakage, to prevent or rece spills.

3. Waste into an abandoned the container to dispose of, avoid spreading st into the air.



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