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Pup Stars Photo Album
If you have purchased an item from Upscale Pup and wish to send us a photo of your special pup modeling their newest finery, we would love to display your pictures!       

Chanel and Baby Dior 


Thank you for sharing the The "Chicago Divas" with all of us dog lovers!



Thank you to Maggie's devoted Mom, Ellen, who sent us these adorable photos of her precious Maggie.  Maggie is one of the most beautiful Maltese that we have ever seen!

Maggie really is a true Italian Princess.  Her very sweet Mom, Ellen, has taken her to Italy over eight times!  Ellen purchased the very cute "Happy Trails" Pink Ice Pet Stroller from us, so that she could stroll her precious Maggie (and Maggie's three sisters, also Maltese babies) in pure style and elegance. We can't wait to see the photos of Ellen's girls in the stroller- how darling!



Ellen, you simply must send us more photos of your Maltese girls- they are GORGEOUS!

Daisy is the sister of Maggie (the beautiful Maltese featured above). She is also spoiled (obviously) and is a very lovely Maltese.

Trinket & Bebe 

Yorkshire Terrier

Just look at these adorable terriers!  We just love the little smile- it's quite contagious!

Miss Rose & Little Miss Muffett


Just look at these beautiful girls- such charm, beauty, and poise.  Kathy, could we ask your girls to show our Daisy and Dixie Belle how to pose for the camera like this?

Miss Rose and Little Miss Muffett have a very loving Mom, named Kathy.  Kathy told us that when it comes to her little Rose and Miss Muffett, "You couldn't dream of two more wonderful life companions."  She calls her little girls the "Dream Team" (we can see why).  Rose is two years young and Miss Muffett is four years young (we don't like the word "old" around here)!


Miniature Dachshund

We just love Doxies here at Upscale Pup and Jersey is no exception.  What a smart, sassy girl!

Jersey is a very smart little Doxie!  She is able to sense her Mom, Rhonda's, seizures and she can either go for help or stay and comfort.  She is also quite the snuggler to Rhonda and her husband.  Mom Rhonda says that Jersey simply adores squeaky toys and posh outfits. 



Simply gorgeous, darling! Jessica, thanks again for sharing this wonderful photo with us. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your beloved Moxie Pug.

Moxie's Mom, Jessica, mailed us this very lovely photo of her sweet girl, modeling her new Dolly May Designer Dress that she purchased from us. If you look closely, you can see that Moxie is wearing Poodle Pink Pawlish on her toenails, which matches her dress perfectly!


Long-haired Chihuahua

To Stacy (Lola's Mom): Thank you for sharing Lola's special photos with us.  We hope she will love her new 'Little Victoria' Designer Dress that she models so beautifully.

Here is what Stacy says about her precious Lola: "Lola is a long haired chihuahua. She is a princess. She won't eat dog food, only people food, and NO leftovers! She stays with me 24/7. If I have to go somewhere that dogs are not allowed, she gets a babysitter or I simply don't go. She loves to play "fetch" with her favorite green ball and she gives "kisses" all day long. She is an angel and my very best friend!!"



We just LOVE Maltese around here (Can't you tell)!  There is nothing better than seeing a dog who is so very loved by her family.

Carlli is one spoiled little boy. His Mommy, Caroline, is happy to treat him like her little baby.



We think Dobby is pretty hot stuff!
Dobby's Mom, Chelsea, says that Dobby is a "little stud that likes to cruise for ladies on car rides!"  He likes the windows to be down and enjoys the breeze as he takes a ride shotgun.  Dobby loves to play fetch with his mini tennis ball or his favorite stuffed bear.  He also enjoys wearing a spiked harness to help him feel "bigger."

Chantel & Sabrina
(Posing with Mom & Dad, Sharon & Archie)

Toy Poodles

Sharon, we can see why you say they are your most cherished gifts. You have a very loving heart and have given them a wonderful life!
Chantel & Sabrina are really looking pretty.  Their pink "Barbi" Christmas tree is festive in the background and they are seated on their gorgeous furniture from FAO Schwartz! Sabrina tells us that her beloved Chantel came to her after a terrible tragedy occurred with their first poodle. Sabrina was their special gift only three months after Chantel came along.  Mom and Dad describe Chantel & Sabrina as their "most cherished gifts ever."  


Boston Terrier

Emmie's Mom says that Emmie will sit up and beg when she asks if she wants to wear her new necklace- our 'Heart of Hearts' Red Valentine Necklace!"

Emmie's Mom, named Jamie, says that Emmie is "quite the little princess who loves to play dress up and have her picture taken." Emmie's favorite pasttime is: Grandma-- anything to do with Grandma! Of course, sneaking a cookie or a greenie comes in at a close second.  Emmie has mastered the art of begging and she loves to eat!"


Yorkshire Terrier

Coco is quite an adorable little lovebug.  Thanks, Angie, for sharing her beautiful photos with us.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your precious fur baby.

Coco's very sweet Mom, named Angie, sent us these darling photos of her precious Yorkie, Coco.  Angie bought Coco some very beautiful items from out Boutique- major spoiling for her precious pooch! Coco has many hobbies, but some of her favorites are: chewing on rugs and slippers, sniffing bird poo and dried worms (yuck!), and rolling in fresh, green grass.  Coco also loves lots of other things too- American cheese, pizza crust, licking noses, and playing with big dogs (Coco only weighs 2.35 pounds)!  According to Mom, Angie, Coco loves everyone and calls her "little lovebug."


Yorkshire Terrier

According to Lexie's Mom, Sandy, Lexie's favorite thing to do is go shopping!  Lexie knows the minute you start getting ready to go, as she goes in circles and barks! She sleeps in the bed with her humans and her Dad says that for being so little, Lexie sure does take up a lot of room on the bed (especially since she gets her pick of the choice spots on the bed). 



Phoebe, we loved you the first time we saw you!

Phoebe is a very spoiled Doxie.  She is also a professional dog model!  

Tess & Misha

Standard Poodles

Just look at those wonderful agility photos. How majestic! 

 Tess ("blue" colored) & Misha (cream colored). Tess and Misha are gorgeous standard size poodles who's Mom, Laurie, adores them and has them in agility competition.



Donna told us that she has six sisters, all of whom have Chihuahuas!  What a fun time they must have at family reunions with so many fabulous dog lovers present!  Thanks for sharing these super cute photos with us, Donna. Your little Chi girl is darling!

Adorable Porsche is a four year-young teacup, who weighs only four pounds.  Her Mom, Donna, is so crazy about her sweet fur baby that she even sports a tattoo of Porsche on her lower back!

  Paris Bella & Sayde

 Maltese & Doxie

It's no secret that we sure do love Maltese around here! Paris Bella is no exception- what a cutie.  We especially LOVE the photo of the two sisters sleeping snout to snout.  How adorable is that!?

Paris Bella's Mommy, Holly, told us about her precious dooggie: "Paris Bella is a teacup maltese. She is very playful and loves to cuddle. She loves to play with Sayde (her sister, featured below) and she thinks she is bigger than what she really is. She likes to play catch. Paris was born in January and I got her in March, and she is just the happiest little girl"

Molly (Pug), Arlie (Mini Dachshund)

Pug & Mini Dachshund

Molly and Arlie's Mom, Jennifer, shared these adorable photos of her fur kids in their adorable Halloween Costumes that she purchased from us. Jennifer says her doggies will be the hit of her law firm's Halloween Party this year!  We think so too!  Thanks so much for sharing these cute photos with us, Jennifer.

Molly and Arlie are two very spoiled fur babies who will be sporting their adorable new costumes this Halloween!

Cole & Chloe


We simply adore Maltese and love this special Christmas photo!

Cole & Chole's Mom, Brooke, sent us this lovely photo of her precious Cole & Chloe.  She bought them some beautiful treasures from our Boutique and was kind enough to share their beautiful photo with us.



Lisa, we can't wait to see a picture of Anna in her new Pink Pet Stroller that she received from Santa Paws!

Anna sent us a lovely note, addressed to our own sweet Daisy, who is also a Maltese.  We thought it was so cute, that we wanted to share it with everyone:
Hi my name is Anna. I am Maltese & Pomeranian. I am 10 months old and weigh 3 pounds, just like Daisy. "Hey Daisy, Wanna go get Ice Cream some time? I know this place that gives us Ice Cream bowls with doggie cookies". "Our parents buy an ice cream at Brewsters and we get ours free cause were so cute, hehehe." My mom and I were looking at all the pretty things on your website. I put the Pink Happy Trails stroller on my Santa list. My mom assures me that my Dad is going to make sure that Santa brings me that cute stroller for Christmas. I love to go shopping and to the park, so this stroller is going to be really nice. I'll be sure to send you pictures of me in my new stroller right after Christmas. Love, Anna



Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos and lovely sentiments about your beloved Freddie.  He is one lucky Pug!  We hope you will love your adorable new Pug Bride & Groom Backpack and Furcedes Fun Toy! 

Freddie lives in Great Britain and is loved dearly by his very sweet Mom, named Yvonne (pictured above with Freddie).  Yvonne described her Freddie to us, "Freddie is adorable I tell him every day over and over how much I love him, he's the best & kindest of dogs."



Missy won a pet photo contest that we sponsored with this beautiful photo!

Missy is a very shy little girl; hates the camera.



We adore this precious little Malt boy!

Riley's very sweet Mom, Stephanie, shared these fabulous photos with us.  She is such a lovely person and treats her precious Riley like a prince!


Toy Poodle  

Matisse is one lucky little girl!  Her Mom, Rachel, is one of the nicest people that we have met thru our Boutique.  She was kind enough to share lots of special tidbits about Matisse and herself and these gorgeous photos (above) with us.  Rachel- thank you so much for all of your special words and your friendship.  Please give our love and kisses to your darling Matisse.  Hope you will come back and see us again soon.

Je suis magnifique means I am gorgeous. Matisse de princesse means Princess Matisse. She understands tricks in the French and English language. She is very smart and when taught a trick she amazes her daddy and I when she performs it perfectly in minutes! At 2 1/2 months old she can sit, paw shake, lay down, jump over the stick, turn around twice, dance and give kisses. A few weeks back, she  learned to say "Mama" (for her favorite treat, baby carrots) and if I could only record her saying that, I would!



Luca's Mom, Vicki, shared these cute photos of her precious Luca boy with us.  Vicki is a lovely person, who enjoys spoiling her special fur boy, Luca.  Luca- you are one lucky little Maltese.  Come see us again soon! 

Luca looks wonderful in his new Pink Bunny Costume and Sweet Stripes Sweater Hoodie!  Luca's Mom, Vicki, told us that Luca gets tons of compliments when wearing his special clothing from us and they enjoy shopping at Happy Tails Pet Boutique very much.  Thank you, Vicki.  It is our pleasure.



We can't wait to see Bambi's Easter picture! APRIL update: Lisa just sent us this ADORABLE photo of Bambi, modeling her new Easter dress that she purchased from us (called The Ballerina Designer Dress, with matching pink marabou head band) and her pink Mary Jane's that she is really enjoying! Lisa, she looks like a little pink angel in this outfit- too cute! Thanks for sharing! 

A very sweet lady named Lisa is Bambi's Mom, and boy does she love her little doggie!  Lisa has a party for Bambi every year and tells us that Bambi refuses to go outside without her shoes on!  She loves her new pink Mary Jane designer shoes and pink party hat that Lisa got for her from us!



Thank you for sharing this photo of your darling Maltipoo, Shannon. She's a star!


Golden Retriever

We love the photo, Melissa! Thanks for sharing your adorable bundle of love with us.

Melissa, Calvin's Mom, says she will be having a birthday party for him, next month, where "all his friends can come play for the day!"



Rike- Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos with us! We're so glad that you like the carrier and the special surprise gifts that we sent you and your two precious fur babies.

Cookie's Mom, named Rike, sent us these wonderful photos of her darling little Maltese. She purchased the purple Flower Jelly Carrier from us and was so excited to receive it and take precious Cookie on an adventurous outing in it! She followed up with us and said that she took Cookie out in her new carrier, for a one minute walk to her friend's house. She told us that it took her "five times that long" since everyone kept stopping her to comment on Cookie in her new carrier! FUN!!

Thank you, Sara, for sharing this adorable photo of your fur baby wearing his darling little 'So Sporty Soft Hoodie'  that you purchased from Upscale Pup. We're sure he'll be perfectly cute and toasty this winter!  Hope to see ya'll again soon!
Attached is my baby boy, Cookie, he's a Bichon-Poo and is 11 months old. He absolutely loves his clothes from Upscale pup! We will be using you again (for his Birthday supplies!) and I've recommended you to many. Thanks again and enjoy the picture!!  :) Sara R. & Cookie, from Jacksonville, Florida
How Do I Add My Pup's Photos To Your Album?
Your pup can appear here in our Pup Stars Photo Album! Simply e-mail us a picture of your dog. We especially love to see your fur kids in their Upscale Pup products!  If your dog has siblings, we welcome their photos also and will group them as a family, per your direction.

The Fine Print
Depending on your Internet connection speed, this page may take a little while to load. Please know that it is well worth the wait! Please be aware that all photographs, images, and graphics are NOT public domain and are not to be copied, reproduced, altered, or taken in any way without express written consent of Upscale Pup. We vigorously protect our copyright interests. Use of anything within the perimeters outlined above, without prior written consent, is strictly prohibited. Please note that many of our photos have been lovingly transferred from our previous site, Happy Tails Pet Boutique.

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