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New Puppy Essentials

Congratulations on your new puppy!  Once your new pup arrives (or your adopted dog comes home from the rescue group or shelter), you will be busily occupied with your new family addition and won't have a lot of free time, especially when they first come home.  Plan ahead! Here are some wonderful things that you will need to consider getting for your new fur baby.  Be prepared to welcome your new furry bundle of joy with these great solutions.

All Natural Dog Food
Start your dog’s life off with the very best food you can get for him or her.  This is your chance to make a real difference in the sheer quality of their life, helping to eliminate many of the problems and diseases associated with a poor quality diet.  Choosing a human-grade quality dog food is now easier than ever, since many companies have chosen to offer wonderful, healthy foods that are available readily- through the Internet and local health food stores.  Also, many large grocery store chains are now carrying healthy, natural dog foods in response to the demand for better pet care and nutrition.  It's more convenient than ever to feed your dog well.  They will not only feel and look better, but also surely live a longer life when you feed them real food.  Many well-known and highly commercialized dog foods have fake food fillers, unhealthy preservatives and fake food colorings. Most of these harmful dog foods are even derived from dangerous sources, such as food that was rejected from the human food chain.  You want to be sure to read the labels and understand what you are buying for your precious pup.  I recommend the book, “Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food” by Ann N. Martin.  Please take a little time and educate yourself about this vitally important subject. Think about how the quality of your own diet directly affects the quality of your life! What you feed your dog will have a direct impact on how your pup feels, looks, and acts for their lifetime!

Food and Water Bowls
There are so many wonderful options for dog food and water dishes nowadays.  Choose from so many different styles- whimsical, humorous, luxurious, and even sophisticated.  You can match your new dishes to your kitchen décor or to your dog’s new bedding.  The choices are a mile long.  Upscale Pup offers so many adorable dog bowls; you’ll simply have to get several sets to satisfy all you and your dog’s many moods. 

Lots Of Fun Dog Toys
It simply goes without saying that you will need lots of great toys for your new furry bundle.  The choices in this department are simply limitless.  I prefer Designer Toys, such as Chewnel No. 5, Christian Dogior, and cuteCandy Toys, such as Dots and Tootsie Rolls, not just because they are just so darn cute and adorable, but also because they remind me of my favorite fashion designers and my childhood!  My dogs love toys because they are soft and plush and also because they squeak or "talk" when squeezed or chewed.  I also adore holiday-theme toys, such as talking Witches, Ghosts, and Devils for my favorite holiday-Halloween! I also love talking, well really, "gobbling" Turkeys for Thanksgiving, as they really get our whole family into the holiday spirit!  My dogs also enjoy the Loofa series of toys, such as the Santa Loofa, which comes in a great mini size that is perfect for puppies.  I suggest getting a variety of fun toys for your pup and see what they favor, as every dog has a favorite toy!

Bags of Yummy Dog Training Treats
Having yummy dog treats on hand is vitally important to help reward your pup for when they potty in the correct place and to help with other teachings. Treat training is an awesome way to motivate your pooch into the correct behavior that you want them to exhibit.  Correct bad habits and reward your pup with delicious treats - they will quickly learn that their good behavior equals you’re getting out that mouthwatering bag of treats for them!  Upscale Pup has lots of tempting treat options for puppies and small dogs - our Buddy Bits and Mini Naturals are the perfect size for treat training dogs with tiny mouths.

Quality Puppy Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
I highly recommend the entire Pet Silk line of coat and skin care products, formulated especially for dogs.  We love these products for not only how well they work but for how wonderful they smell.  The fragrance lingers on my dogs’ coats for days after a grooming and their coats literally smell and feel absolutely fabulous.  Also, Pet Silk makes a fantastic Tearless Puppy Shampoo that you and your puppy will just adore.  The formula is hypoallergenic and totally gentle, in that it’s fragrance and color free.  It’s ideal for puppies and dogs that are prone to allergies and skin problems.

Puppy Grooming Tools
Our Little Pals line of dog grooming tools offers the ideal size for your puppy or toy-size dog.  Be sure to start grooming your pup and getting them used to your gently touching their feet, toenails and body early on.  This early conditioning will be imperative to your being able to successfully groom your dog throughout their life.  Start early and make grooming a positive, relaxing experience for both you and your pup.

Dog Collar, Harness, Lead and ID Tag
For a small dog or puppy, a harness and lead is a must-have, since their delicate neck bones and muscles do not need the strain of a collar yet.  For small, toy size dogs and puppies, a collar is great for fashion and keeping your dog’s ID tag and cute collar charms on display.  However, a harness is a better option for walking, so that if your pup pulls and tugs, you are not hurting their neck.  Start training your dog early, walking with them, using the harness and lead. This is also a good time to learn how to measure your dog correctly and make sure that you choose the correct size harness. Make sure to choose a lead that is not too long, since during the training process it's a good idea to keep your dog closer to you.

Puppy Dog Training Books
Educate yourself as much as you can about your upcoming new furry arrival.  There are tons of great books about puppy care.  Remember that it can be helpful to choose a book that is breed-specific.  For example, if your puppy is a Yorkshire Terrier, your dog will have special grooming needs that you need to be aware of.   Reading all about your new baby before they come home with you can be of great assistance to you and your pup.  Just as there are lots of pregnancy preparation books for helping care for human babies, you need to treat your pup’s arrival as very important and one that requires some research and preparation; after all, you are making a lifelong commitment. 

Dog Sanitary Pants/Panties, Belly Bands and Diapers
Sanitary pants and dog panties are not just cute but they help with your sanity when your new puppy or newly adopted adult dog “baby” is not completely housebroken.  Our pants and diapers help to absorb wetness and eliminate mess due to excitable urination.  They also help with male dog marking and puppies that need a little more time to learn the house rules. 

Dog Stroller
A dog stroller is simply a wonderful pet invention.  We love to take our three-pound Maltese, Daisy, on a stroll to the park in her Happy Trails Pink Ice Pet Stroller.  Since she is so tiny, she has a safer and more enjoyable time riding in her stroller.  The stroller also comes in very handy for our senior dog, Fritz, who has trouble walking long distances.  The stroller enables us to place him with Daisy and they ride along in comfort, while giving Fritz’s tired senior legs a break.  You will love having a stroller when taking your small dog or puppy to the park, a parade, shopping, or on any other excursion where your pup could accidentally get stepped on.  A stroller allows your dog to ride in comfort and still get fresh air and allows you the peace of mind that they are safe, comfortable and happy.  Plus, you need to have your hands free to carry all your shopping bags!

Puppy Pajamas
Pajamas are great for keeping your puppy warm and cozy at night and help to ensure that they have a good night’s sleep.  Depending on the climate you live in, you can choose PJ’s that are made of thermal fabrics or a cotton blend.  Plus, they are just so cute!

Dog Chew Toys
Provide your new pup with his or her own chew toys, keep them in an accessible place (such as in a basket next to their crate or bed) and teach them to use them!  This will help greatly in preventing your favorite Manolo Blahnik shoe from being ripped to shreds.  Remember, you puppy does not chew your shoes, furniture, and other treasures out of spite, but rather because they are a dog!   Dog chewing is a form of therapy for the dog, as it helps to release stored-up energy and stress.   If you have a dog, simply expect chewing, but provide your dog with accepted toys that they can chew and reward them when they do so.

Pet Playpen
Pet Playpens are of great help and provide you with some relief from having to worry that your new puppy will get into trouble from roaming “free” all over your house.  Your large house can feel overwhelming to a new little dog and a playpen can give them a smaller place to sleep and play safely.  I like to put my playpen next to my desk so that my dogs are confined safely while I can get my work completed.  This prevents me from having to jump up every time a pup has wandered off and may be getting into potential trouble.  Also, playpens are wonderful when you have housebreaking issues, so that your dog is not roaming the house and marking.

Safety Pet Gates
This is simply a must-have at our dog loving home.  A well-made safety gate allows us to block off the stairs, which can be dangerous to young kids and small dogs or puppies.  It also can confine your dog to one room so that they are not free to roam the entire house.  This can be especially helpful when your dog is not completely housebroken yet.

Always carry a bag or box of these great little things.  They will come in useful for more things that you can imagine.  I carry a box in my pet stroller as well as in my car.  They help to clean your dog’s private parts and sometimes when their little feet get dirty, wipes make cleaning them so convenient.

Poop Pick-Up Bags
You can’t walk around in our neighborhood without these, since you will get fined for leaving your pup’s poop behind!  I like to carry cute waste pick-up bags and my little pink bag dispenser, which simply makes this unpleasant, but necessary, task more pleasant.  Many dispensers have convenient clips, which you can use to attach to your belt or stroller.

Pet Anxiety Solutions
Even though you know you are the very best Mom or Dad, every little puppy suffers from some anxiety and nervousness.  This ailment can translate into sleepless nights for you and your pup or other negative behaviors.  Our comfort line of products, such as Comfort Pals and Comfort Heartbeat Pillows can help to aid in relaxing your pup and creating more of a tranquil sleeping environment for him or her.  Our Pals are cute little furry dogs (three styles to chose from) or a kitty that has a “mothers” heartbeat inside. Your pup can snuggle up to the Pal or Pillow and get some needed comforting.  These anti-anxiety aids also help dogs that suffer from separation nerves.  Our Comfort Pals and Pillows make a wonderful gift for the new pet parent!

Vitamins, Oils, Supplements and Enzymes
Think about how much better you feel when you’re getting your required daily intake of quality food, vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils.  Your doggie will also thrive when they, too are getting proper nutrition.  Sometimes supplements and oil additions can be beneficial to supplement you dog’s diet.  In the winter when everything is dry and relatively humid-free, it helps to give your dog oil supplements, which help maintain a strong immune system and aid in giving your dog a great coat, eliminating itching, scratching, and dull coats.  I do all my research online and then bring a list of the supplement’s ingredients to my vet.  She then reviews the list of ingredients and lets me know if the supplement is a quality one that will benefit my pup.  

Comfy Soft Dog Bed and Cradles
Another necessity is a great dog bed.  I had to experiment a little to see what kind of beds my dogs favor.  I found that they really love a donut shaped bed or a cradle style dog bed over other types and styles.  I like to put a small carrier blanket in their bed, as I’ve found that all dogs love blankets!

Pet Cleaning Supplies and Pee Pads
A good carpet cleaner and some pee pads will help to potty train your pup.  I like the carpet cleaner called "Folex", as it is all natural and has no harmful chemicals that can irritate you or your pup.

Hard-Sided Dog Crate
Most all veterinarians and dog professionals recommend a hard-sided crate to help train your new dog. Your dog will learn to view their crate as a welcome “den” and you will love the peace of mind and sanity that this solution offers.  Most dogs will not soil their crate “den” and therefore you can successfully potty train your dog using the crate training method.  Be sure to never use the crate as punishment and always associate it with positive, happy times.  I always give several little treats when my dogs enter their crates and now they can’t wait to get in their “dens!”  I always have my dogs stay in their crates when I leave the house to go on errands, as it is much safer for your dog.  I line the crate with soft blankets, but do not put toys or other objects inside, since they could pose a choking hazard.   Used correctly, the crate training method will offer you and your dog potty training success, safety from household accidents while you’re away, prevent unnecessary chewing and other destructive behaviors, and offer you both peace of mind.

Soft Dog Blankets
I find that all dogs love a soft, cozy blanket.  The uses for them are plentiful and the benefits are considerable. A nice blanket is great for lining your dog’s carrier or crate.  I line my dog’s stroller and bike basket with blankets.  They are also great for bringing to a vet appointment when you have to leave your dog for the day.  Be sure to bring a blanket that your dog has been sleeping on, since the blanket will have their own scent on it and this helps to lessen the anxiety that they feel when being away from you and home.  Blankets also help to keep your dog warm and toasty when sleeping, since their body temperature drops while sleeping.

Dog Toothpaste
For small dogs and puppies, brushing the teeth is not a luxury, but simply a necessity.  It is essential that you purchase dog toothpaste, as human toothpaste can make a dog very sick (human toothpaste is not edible and dogs cannot spit out the toothpaste).  The dog variety of paste comes in different flavors and you can purchase the toothpaste from your vet’s office.  Remember, your dog needs healthy teeth, as poor dental hygiene can lead to dental disease, which left untreated can cause internal organ damage and even death.  Chances are if your dog has bad breath, there are problems with their teeth.  Brush you dog’s teeth at least two times a week and have your vet check their teeth at least twice a year.  Small dogs and toy size breeds sometimes need a professional cleaning at the vet 2-3 times a year.  Please don’t neglect this very important part of your dog’s health and hygiene.  Start early in your dog’s life by brushing their teeth and massaging their gums.  They will get used to this practice and consider it another part of your TLC. Now, give your doggie a kiss! 

A Wonderful Veterinarian
After you, your veterinarian is the most important person in your dog’s life.   It’s crucial that you establish this relationship early in your dog’s life and bring your dog into the office for a check-up twice a year (and more often if you have a senior dog).  Your vet will be a significant part of you and your dog’s life, so make sure you find a great one!

Have Fun With Your New Pup!
Finally, have some fun!  This is a wonderful time for both you and your new furry family member.  Throw a cute theme Baby Dog Shower and have several doggie shopping sprees with your family and friends.  These are joyous, memorable times and great ways to enjoy your life change.   Remember, Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to give a new pet parent a gift of their choosing- something they really want for their new bundle of joy.

Article Ideas, Questions Or Comments?
If you have an idea for an article or would like to submit an article that you have personally written, we would love to hear from you! We're always looking to help our customers and also love to suggest new ways of savoring life with your furry best friend.


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