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Get Smart About Your Dog’s Diet

Want your dog to live a long, healthy life? One of the key elements to excellent health and longevity for your best friend is a high quality diet.  Check our list of junk food ingredients and see how many are inside of the food and treats that you're currently feeding your dog.  By contrast, we have another list of ingredients that are healthy and nutritionally sound- the ones you should be feeding your pup. Choosing healthy, all-natural dog food and treats is one of the most loving things you can do for your pup.

Junk Ingredients TO AVOID...
Bad Fat Sources
Poultry or animal fats are sources obtained from the meat rendering process.  These types of bad fats are low in linoleic acid (typically containing 3% of less), which is an essential fatty acid. Linoleic acid helps your dog’s skin and coat to look and feel healthy.  Bad fats do not contribute to good health.

Bad Fillers
Beet pulp and peanut hulls are often used as fillers in poor quality dog food.  They are often listed (as disguised) as a source of fiber, but these bad fillers have no nutritional value to your pup.

Bad Preservatives
BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin are bad chemicals used as preservatives in poor quality dog foods.  Some reports have listed Ethoxyquin as a pesticide and BHA/BHT as carcinogenic.  These chemicals have been known to cause allergic reactions, poor overall health, degenerative organ dysfunction, and dry skin.  As you can see, you do not want to allow these dangerous chemical preservatives into you dog’s diet.  Instead, choose dog food and treats that contain food preserved with natural tocopherols (more about that below).

Bad Carbohydrates
Rice flour, wheat flour, corn flour, wheat mill, rice bran, corn bran, and brewer’s rice are highly processed sources of carbohydrates and contain virtually none of the naturally occurring vitamins. The vitamins that would have been present have been leeched during all the processing.

Bad Proteins
Bone meal, soybean meal, corn gluten meal and rice gluten meal are all cheap, low quality sources of protein.  Reports show that less than half (50%) of these low cost, unhealthy proteins are absorbed and retained. 

By-Products are Bad
Poultry and chicken by-products are not healthy for your dog.  Chicken by-products contain the ground parts chickens, including the feet, feathers, beaks, intestines and undeveloped eggs, etc. Poultry by-products contain essentially the same ingredients, but can be from any bird source.

Bad Meats
Meat meal is not a healthy food ingredient for your dog’s food and treats.  Many people naturally assume that when a label lists “meat” that means beef.  Because the American Association of Feed Control allows the use of ANY and ALL mammal tissue to be listed as “meat”, there is NO guarantee of what you’re really getting or where this mystery “meat” came from.

Healthy Ingredients TO CHOOSE...
Good Fat Sources
Sunflower oil is a great source of linoleic acid.  Other good fat sources are flaxseed oil, chicken fat, and fishmeal.  All of these fats are good sources of essential fatty acids.

NO Need For Fillers
When you purchase healthy dog food and treats that are nutritionally sound, there is no need for any fillers, such as beet pulp or peanut hulls.

Healthy Preservatives
Vitamin E is an excellent, healthy preservative.   Look for foods and dog treats that list this oil or other natural preservatives, rather than the chemical kind.

Good Carbohydrates

WHOLE grains, such as whole oats, ground wheat and ground rice are what you need to be looking for as nutritionally sound choices for good carbs in your dog’s treats and food.

Good Proteins
Remember that meat is the best source of protein for your dog. Be sure to understand the SOURCE of the protein that is on your label.  Make sure that you can read and pronounce each “meat” item and know what the percentage of crude protein is for your choices. 

Say NO By-Products
Understand that anything on your labels that is listed as a “b-product” is a low cost, low quality ingredient and not good for your dog.

Real Meats
Read the label and ensure that they list “beef” “chicken” or “lamb”, etc, as you must know where the meat comes from. You don’t want any mystery meats in your dog’s food and treats!

*Quick List*
Say NO To These Ingredients...

NO poultry fats and/or animal fats

NO beet pulp and peanut hulls (bad fillers)

NO BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin chemicals

NO rice flour, wheat flour, corn flour, wheat mill, rice bran, corn bran, or brewer’s rice 

NO bone meal, soybean meal, corn gluten meal and rice gluten meal 

NO poultry and chicken by-products (and by-products in general)

NO meat meal or "mystery meats"

*Quick List*
Say YES TO These Ingredients...

YES to sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, chicken fat, and fishmeal as good sources for fats 

YES to dog food and treats that contain NO fillers 

YES to vitamin E or other natural preservatives 

YES to whole grains: whole oats, ground wheat and ground rice 

YES to high quality, identifiable protein sources

YES to dog food and treats that contain zero by-products

YES to dog food and treats that contain REAL meat- no "meat mysteries" allowed

Choose healthy dog foods and treats and avoid those that contain low cost, low quality ingredients. By doing so, you're giving your dog the very special gift of health and vitality. Your best friend is so worth it.  Bone Appetit!

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