Why Should I Choose Organic Dog Toys?

by Upscale Pup on July 2, 2012

There are many reasons why a consumer may choose to purchase an organic alternative, but one of the most common reasons for choosing organic is the safety and durability that comes with knowing you are buying the best possible quality. Once just reserved for foods and some clothing, the term ‘organic’ is now faithfully applied to almost any line of produce and merchandise available in the western world.

Pet owners in America could be called the most enthusiastic pet owners in the world, so it is doubly unsurprising that organic dog toys would be such a large and successful limb of the dog toy and care industry. One advantage of organically produced dog toys is the safety – you know that the fabrics and materials were sourced naturally and constructed with a great deal of human involvement. Unlike factory-produced toys that are made with plastics that could be hazardous to your dog if they were to swallow it.

Another clear advantage of organic dog toys is their durability, unlike a product that has been mass- manufactured to make as many as cheaply as possible, organic alternatives are lovingly put together using durable and familiar materials such as rope that will not only extend your dog’s enjoyment, but also your peace of mind.

Dog care products are a multi-billion dollar business and any industry that has that much money flowing through it will inevitably confront the consumer with certain ethical concerns. Where was this made? How was this made? Is it contributing to my carbon foot print? With this in mind, any thoughtful consumer would take peace of mind in contributing to a more sustainable pattern of purchasing for their pet, even if the cost is somewhat elevates. The industry is aware of this and is happy to provide customers with ethical alternatives while boosting profits; it’s a win-win scenario for business, consumer and your furry friend.

One thing is clear: organic dog toys are not only a sound ethical decision for you, but they are also a smart financial one. The durability alone means these toys will outlast the average dollar-store dog toy and save you money, while also giving your little friend something to really chew on. In recent years, the price of organic alternatives (especially in the larger industries, such as pet care) have plummeted to meet a growing demand, so these toys are now an option for even those on a tight budget.

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