Step ‘N Go! Is Really That Easy!

by Upscale Pup on April 12, 2011

My 3.8 pound Yorkie rules the roost, and that includes walking on a leash. She is horrible, totally. I have been a bit afraid to fight the issue, knowing the danger for a Yorkie with pressure on the throat area. Well, I found the solution. I finally decided the try the amazing Stop ‘N Go! Harness step-in-harness1that I added to my boutique last Fall. I love it, Scarlet loves it and our walks are now joyful times. It is really that simple; simply step into the harness and go for your walk. The pressure is low on the chest with no problem for the throat area whatsoever. The colors are charming…pink, black and gold/brown. The harness is adorned with a silver rhinestone paw print. Really cute.

Summer is almost here and evening walks are on the horizon. Whether you are on a beach, in the mountains or walking along a busy city street, give it try. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Happy walking!

cowboy colorado truck driver 04.20.11 at 6:28 pm

I would like to say i have visted this upscale pups showroom it is increditable.
The time and energy that is and has been put into upscale pups is every thing that you read,see and feel.
The discriptions,the inventory,love and energy that goes into providing
the best for our animal is very real.
I dont take my hat off for many things.How ever heres to ya upscale
and thanks for all you do, The cowboy

Admin 04.20.11 at 10:20 pm

Thank you, sweet cowboy!

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