candy-dog-toysValentine gift giving on a budget doesn’t have to be boring with Upscale Pup’s fun and really easy-on-the-wallet plush candy dog toys. These adorable toys bring you right back to your childhood and offer all the fun and sweet memories, but are minus the calories and fattening sugar of the real thing!

Get creative with your Valentine gift and place a number of plush candy toys, such as the Dots Candy Plush Dog Toy, Junior Mints Plush Dog Toy, Razzles Plush Candy Toy, Tootsie Roll Plush Toy, Sugar Daddy Plush Dog Toy, and the Tootsie Pop Plush Candy Toy inside a basket. Top the basket with a pretty bow, wrapped around the basket handle (choose a Valentine ribbon theme or pink ribbon for girl dogs and baby blue ribbon for boy dogs). Dog lovers in your life will adore your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Don’t have time to create a toy basket gift for your favorite Valentine pooch? Upscale Pup has the perfect solution that is already gift boxed – The Sweet Tooth Designer Toy Set, which even includes a cute little Tootsie Roll Collar Charm. Everyone loves candy, so be sure to treat your pup with some of these plush little confections today!

Oscar Newman Belly Bands For Boy Dogs

by Admin on January 14, 2009

oscarnewmanbellybandI can’t say enough great things about these comfortable, stylish belly bands from Oscar Newman. 

Upscale Pup carries both adorable styles – the Best Buddies Belly Band and the Give the Dog a Bone Belly Band.  Our Cockapoo, Fritz, is going on 16 years old.  We don’t know his exact age because he was adopted from the local kill pound over 13 years ago, but we know that he’s getting “up there” in age. 

He tends to have some wetting issues in the house that we surely don’t enjoy, but definitely forgive him, as he’s a senior canine.  In people years he’s about 80 years old (using the small dog age calculator),  for goodness sake!  These cute belly bands offer a wonderful solution for dogs that have the habit of “scent marking” or wetting in the house, due to incontinence and are completely comfortable for your pup to wear.

Even though Fritz is not the perfect gentleman (when it comes to bathroom habits) that he once was in his younger days, these fabulous Belly Bands save our sanity and are a wonderful solution for your aging or incontinent pup. 

Pet Fashion Week 2009 Goes To The Dogs

by Admin on January 12, 2009

petfashionweekpicThis year’s Pet Fashion Week will take place February 8-9th, 2009 at Pier Sixty of NYC’s Chelsea Piers and feature a bevy of dog beauties sporting all of the latest in top dog fashions and dog accessories.  Top fashionistas in the world of pet glamour and style will present the latest and greatest in:

  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Carriers
  • Beds
  • Collars and Leashes
  • Dog Toys
  • Foods and Treats
  • Pet Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Grooming Products

If you’re going to be in the New York City area during this time, be sure to register today to be a part of this exciting, fashion forward event!

Flying with Your Dog Costs a Small Fortune!

by Admin on January 11, 2009

flightI understand that the airline industry has to make money, but come on!

Recent price increases to buy your tiny pup the “privilege” to ride in their own airline approved pet carrier, shoved under your (already overcrowded) plane seat are simply ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact that even the airline personnel throughout our trip commented on how high the cost for a small dog to fly is!

My husband and I recently took a trip to Oregon from our Colorado hometown with our tiny Maltese, Daisy. Daisy is a three pound well-behaved little diva dog. She rides in her Sherpa pet carrier and never causes any trouble whatsoever. She is quiet, sweet, clean, healthy, and frankly a lot more well-behaved than the human children on a plane are! Her lovely disposition does not change the fact that the airlines demand a small fortune for her to fly with us.

Don’t make the same mistake that we did!

We booked our flight thru Expedia and didn’t realize at the time that because Expedia was trying to get us the cheapest itinerary, they booked us on two different airline carriers – United and Air Alaska to get us to our Oregon destination! Much to our dismay, EACH carrier charged us a separate, per way fee. United charged us $175 per flight and Air Alaska charged us $100 for a less than 30 minute flight – yes, EACH WAY, per flight!

Fortunately, our return flights were all on the same airline. Nevertheless, all the fees translated into a whopping $450.00 for Daisy’s “shoved under the seat” plane ride! Her flight cost more than ours did and she didn’t even get her own seat, much less a bag of dog treats from the flight attendants!

Daisy sure does love to travel and we adore all the attention she gets – so many people love to see her all dressed up and pampered with us on our trips, but in the interest of our saving hundreds of dollars, I think we’re going to drive next time!

Welcome To The Upscale Pup Luxury Dog Blog

by Admin on January 7, 2009

doxieglassesStop by for coverage about all things dog. We feature talk about breaking pet fashion news and events, celebrities and their pooches, commentary on current dog topics and headlines, announcements and trends, hot new pet designers, product deals and steals, pet industry news, and so much more!

Please visit our website at We’ve got everything from designer dog clothes to luxury dog beds to help your little pup stand out in style!

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