Step ‘N Go! Harness is Really That Easy!

by Admin on January 3, 2013

My 3.8 pound Yorkie really “rules the roost”, and that includes walking on a leash. She is, well, horrible at it. I have been a bit afraid to push the issue, realizing that a Yorkie’s throat area is quite sensitive and can be hurt with much pressure.
I liked the Step ‘N Go Harness when I added it to my boutique in the fall and decided to give it a try. It is really as easy as it sounds. You simply “step” your pup in and “go” for your walk. I loved it, Scarlet loved it and we had the most successful walk! Scarlet was secure in the harness, yet there is no pressure on the throat area. The harness/leash comes in darling colors; pink, black and brown/gold. It is adorned with a silver rhinestone paw print. Really cute. Really easy. And really works!
With summer coming, I encourage you to give it a try.
Happy walking!


Classy Travel Accessories for Dogs

by Admin on July 23, 2012

It is not a secret all dogs love “to go”. It is one of the first phrases they learn, and do they ever learn it well. Nothing makes the average dog happier than riding in the car with his/her human companions. Dogs dislike being left at home. They are more than glad to show you how unhappy by getting into trash receptacles, tearing up pillows, and pulling dirty clothes into the living room during your absence. The best way to avoid these little temper tantrums is to take your best friend with. There are a many options of travel accessories for dogs available.
You would not dare take a child or grandchild for a car ride without placing them in a size appropriate car seat or booster. Why is your four legged child any different? For the safety of the pampered pooch, and other occupants, a car seat is essential. Car seats or booster seats are available in a multitude of styles, sizes, and adaptability. For example, if your buddy likes to ride in the front seat next to you, but the console is in the way; consider purchasing a console pet seat. Granted, this is only for the very small breeds or puppy, but it will keep your nervous Nellie close by to reduce anxiety. These car seats are so cozy due to the lamb’s wool interior and quilted exterior you will want to sit there yourself.
When you get to your destination, no four-legged friend wants to stay in the car while you play outside the car. You and your pet will want to stay together to see the sights, and shop the stores. There are many options of pet carriers and strollers available on the market. Depending upon the size of the dog, and your physical capacities, you may want a purse style dog carrier, or possibly a pet stroller. If your outing includes some time at the home of another, or at an outside venue, it may be wise to bring along a hiding or napping place. Options are endless, maybe a pup tent is just right to keep your dog in view yet secure in an enclosed container.
Persnickety pet owners will also want to include in their pet travel bag, a portable food and water bowl, some toys, and a favorite blanket or pillow to sooth the excited pooch’s nerves. Consider packing the doggie travel bag, like you would a baby’s diaper bag. Never forget a disposable waste bag to pick up after you have visited the nearby fire hydrant.
The options are endless. Your pet should never have to do without the comforts of home when on the go with their human buddies. Styles are extensive, you will have no trouble finding just the right travel accessories for dogs to suit your life style and the life style of your four legged companion.


Cute Jewelry for Dogs

by Admin on July 6, 2012

Jewelry such as shiny colorful charms that can be added to your devoted pets collar are currently all the rage in pet fashion. Who would want to be caught out on the town with their little lady or tramp if she or he was not done up with today’s top designer wears?

There is now hot demand for jewelry meant to adorn your pet pooch. Some choose to have their little fur angel wear special designer rhinestone collars, others have little charms where the tags are hooked on the collar. But it does not stop there, some people even buy fur protective neck-ware and bracelets/anklets for their doggies. There are even some designers that specially create fashion earrings safe for a dog’s ears. How about a couple rings to go around your loving fur babies toes?

These items are typically not meant for daily wear but for nice dress up occasions you have with your furry pets. Maybe you are going to an up-scale party, a dog birthday party, or possibly going to a dog event, like a local dog show looking for little champions. These are the occasions that are perfect for dressing your dog with either an entire outfit completely accessorized with its new jewelry made especially for dogs.

The jewelry is a lot like the jewelry we buy ourselves as humans, it can come in gold, silver or other precious metals or it can also be beaded with fake or even real stones. For bracelets and anklets it is highly recommended to use an elastic type string so it can fit against your dog’s fur and will not easily fall off.

It is also recommended to never fit your pooch with earrings on your own, please take to your local dog groomer that is licensed or your pet’s veterinarian. However it is perfectly safe to put earring in your dog’s ears. Earrings, necklaces, charms and rings can all be bought in sets or sold separately. The different types of charms are typically pet friendly in style like a dog bone, a likeness of its breed, maybe for a sense of fun, even a shape of the dogs arch nemesis, the cat!

Jewelry for dogs can be such a fun thing to do for your animal. The pet loving community loves to oh and ah over each other’s different styles and tastes. Make your pet feel its ultimate beauty by adorning him or her with jewelry for dogs.


Why Should I Choose Organic Dog Toys?

by Admin on July 2, 2012

There are many reasons why a consumer may choose to purchase an organic alternative, but one of the most common reasons for choosing organic is the safety and durability that comes with knowing you are buying the best possible quality. Once just reserved for foods and some clothing, the term ‘organic’ is now faithfully applied to almost any line of produce and merchandise available in the western world.

Pet owners in America could be called the most enthusiastic pet owners in the world, so it is doubly unsurprising that organic dog toys would be such a large and successful limb of the dog toy and care industry. One advantage of organically produced dog toys is the safety – you know that the fabrics and materials were sourced naturally and constructed with a great deal of human involvement. Unlike factory-produced toys that are made with plastics that could be hazardous to your dog if they were to swallow it.

Another clear advantage of organic dog toys is their durability, unlike a product that has been mass- manufactured to make as many as cheaply as possible, organic alternatives are lovingly put together using durable and familiar materials such as rope that will not only extend your dog’s enjoyment, but also your peace of mind.

Dog care products are a multi-billion dollar business and any industry that has that much money flowing through it will inevitably confront the consumer with certain ethical concerns. Where was this made? How was this made? Is it contributing to my carbon foot print? With this in mind, any thoughtful consumer would take peace of mind in contributing to a more sustainable pattern of purchasing for their pet, even if the cost is somewhat elevates. The industry is aware of this and is happy to provide customers with ethical alternatives while boosting profits; it’s a win-win scenario for business, consumer and your furry friend.

One thing is clear: organic dog toys are not only a sound ethical decision for you, but they are also a smart financial one. The durability alone means these toys will outlast the average dollar-store dog toy and save you money, while also giving your little friend something to really chew on. In recent years, the price of organic alternatives (especially in the larger industries, such as pet care) have plummeted to meet a growing demand, so these toys are now an option for even those on a tight budget.


How Do Dog Tear Stain Removers Work?

by Admin on June 24, 2012

If you’ve ever had to deal with unsightly tear stains on your dog’s face, then you’ve likely wondered what you can do about those yucky brown marks to make them go away. After all, these recurring stains make your adorable dog’s face look, well, not so cuddly. You’ve heard of ways to get rid of dog tear stains, but you’re probably not quite sure they even work. After all, you’ve never been able to completely rid your poor dog of tear stains before on your own. How do dog tear stain removers work?

In order to rid your dog of tear stains, you need to know what causes tear stains to begin with. Believe it or not, those dark brown, yucky stains are not just true tears, but an actual bacterial infection. The bacteria present in the tear ducts and eye area of your small dog creates that staining liquid that becomes a near daily annoyance for you and irritation for your dog. In order to truly rid your dog of tear stains, you need to use products that are actually designed to kill the bacteria and keep it from coming back, while keeping your dog’s face and eyes protected at the same time. Tear stain removers are designed to both rid your dog of tear stains while killing the bacteria at the same time.

So, how do dog tear stain removers work? They work by drying out the affected areas, removing the stains themselves, and providing an antibacterial solution to kill the bacteria and keep it from coming back. Most often provided in a kit, tear stain removers will both kill the bacteria that causes the dark stains and remove the stains at the same time. Even the lightest of dog breeds will benefit from tear stain removers to both relieve their symptoms and in creating a more attractive appearance.

There are several different types of dog tear stain removers on the market, so choose wisely. Your best option is typically to go for a tear stain solution that is safe to use on sensitive skin and puppies. This is a great way to rid your dog of unsightly tear stains, and most dog tear stain remover kits contain a solution, application powder, a jar of soft pads for cleaning, and a stylish bag to carry all the contents in for easy traveling and daily application. You’re best friend will surely thank you for it.


Gourmet Dog Treats

by Admin on June 18, 2012

TrufflesEveryone loves dog treats. We may not all like to eat them, but we like to shop for them, peruse the varieties, and finally watch the glee with which our dogs beg for them. However, when in the market for dog treats, there are dog treats and there are gourmet dog treats. The society hound is only going to dine on gourmet treats, nothing over the counter will do. Luckily for dog owners and breeders, gourmet dog treats are available for the pampered pooch.

When shopping for dog treats, whether it be gourmet or regular, there are two considerations. First we need to select treats which are healthy and which our dogs will eat. Second, we need to find a way to store the treats. No one wants to see the dog treats sitting in the middle of the kitchen table or next to the coffee maker in the bag they came in.

Let’s start with the obvious, the treat itself. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing a tea cup poodle with a big bone. Why not make it a gourmet rawhide dog bone? These dog bones are six inches in length and made of 100% Natural Beefhide. When you purchase gourmet dog bones, they last five times longer than the grocery store variety. Maybe your Great Dane has a sweet tooth just like his owner. Who could not resist a gourmet dog truffle or a treat made with peanut butter? After all, is not everything better with peanut butter on it? Your companion is about to have a birthday; along with the gifts should he not get a cake? Personalized cakes are available for the doggie birthday party for up to two guests. Of course, you can choose the frosting color and pick the inscription.

Finding the right container for dog treats is as important as finding the right canister set for the kitchen. The container needs to be secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Depending upon your décor, a stoneware jar might be the right choice. These jars are not dishwasher safe, but are FDA compliant. If cylindrical stoneware is not appropriate, possibly a 6”x6” square container will fit your uptown style. These containers have a coordinating bowl for those needing all dog accessories to match.

No matter what gourmet treats your dog craves, they can be found and shipped directly to your dog house. Whether it is a Christmas stocking filled with treats or frozen treats, the options are endless. There are gourmet treats to satisfy the pickiest of canine palates.


With summer here, it is so much fun to dress up my pups in some of the most beautiful dog outfits available, the Oscar Newman selections! My 3.5 pound Yorkie is a picture of “adorable” in the Prima Ballerina Oscar Newman Hand Smocked Dog Dress . Its exquisite smocking offers total glamor and is a real head turner. prima-ballerina-oscar-newman1 Besides that, it is comfortable for the pups to wear. Rather elegant, not for the every day outing.
The Craving Cotton Candy is a more “everyday” outfit Scarlet enjoys. It’s also comfortable and ruffles and crochet along the top. Stunning! cotton-candy2
Dressing your dog for summer can be lots of fun, look adorable and adds a spark to every outing! Whatever you choose, have fun, enjoy your furry friend and have the best summer ever!


Step ‘N Go! Is Really That Easy!

by Admin on April 12, 2011

My 3.8 pound Yorkie rules the roost, and that includes walking on a leash. She is horrible, totally. I have been a bit afraid to fight the issue, knowing the danger for a Yorkie with pressure on the throat area. Well, I found the solution. I finally decided the try the amazing Stop ‘N Go! Harness step-in-harness1that I added to my boutique last Fall. I love it, Scarlet loves it and our walks are now joyful times. It is really that simple; simply step into the harness and go for your walk. The pressure is low on the chest with no problem for the throat area whatsoever. The colors are charming…pink, black and gold/brown. The harness is adorned with a silver rhinestone paw print. Really cute.

Summer is almost here and evening walks are on the horizon. Whether you are on a beach, in the mountains or walking along a busy city street, give it try. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Happy walking!


Labor Day With Your Dog

by Admin on August 28, 2010

Grab your bicycle, pop on your Tagalong™ Wicker Bicycle Basket and Sunshade
and get ready for a memorable Labor Day. You can get some relaxing exercise and your pooch can enjoy the fresh air and socialization as you pedal around the park, the neighborhood, or even the beach. Your little pup can be adorned in a unique dog dress like the Kara Tube Top Designer Dog Dress.
All items at are on 10% sale through Sept. 30 by using the coupon code LaborDay.
Have a happy healthy Labor Day and enjoy your family, friends and canine pal.


Dog Clothes, Dog Toys and Spring Time!

by Admin on April 29, 2010

Spring is the perfect time to gather some of your favorite things and head out to the park. Before you go, make sure your pooch is ready to accompany you on the adventure. Spring dog clothes have such variety and style, from a Bling Bling Sparkle Tee to a Watermelon Hand-Smocked Sun Dress or a Betty Boop Marilyn Style Denim Dress, the fashions are waiting. Pick out your favorite fashion and dress up your darling.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the dog toys! Your pooch will have such fun chasing a tennis ball (and maybe even bringing it back to you!), tugging a Pastel Rope
Bone Toy
or racing you to be the first to get a Forget-Me-Knot Rope Toy. It’s such a memorable time together and will give you both great exercise.

When it’s time to settle down for some chow, your dog, after the play time, will be ready for some relaxation. Both of you can enjoy a hearty lunch and maybe even a sun-drenched nap!

Wherever you go, or whatever you decide to do, be sure you take time to “Seize the Moment” and what fun to seize it with your favorite pet!