Oscar Newman Belly Bands For Boy Dogs

by Upscale Pup on January 14, 2009

oscarnewmanbellybandI can’t say enough great things about these comfortable, stylish belly bands from Oscar Newman. 

Upscale Pup carries both adorable styles – the Best Buddies Belly Band and the Give the Dog a Bone Belly Band.  Our Cockapoo, Fritz, is going on 16 years old.  We don’t know his exact age because he was adopted from the local kill pound over 13 years ago, but we know that he’s getting “up there” in age. 

He tends to have some wetting issues in the house that we surely don’t enjoy, but definitely forgive him, as he’s a senior canine.  In people years he’s about 80 years old (using the small dog age calculator),  for goodness sake!  These cute belly bands offer a wonderful solution for dogs that have the habit of “scent marking” or wetting in the house, due to incontinence and are completely comfortable for your pup to wear.

Even though Fritz is not the perfect gentleman (when it comes to bathroom habits) that he once was in his younger days, these fabulous Belly Bands save our sanity and are a wonderful solution for your aging or incontinent pup.