Mickey Rourke Proclaims His Love For The Dogs

by Upscale Pup on January 15, 2009

Who knew that such a large, tough-looking “wrestler” man would have such a dear, tender heart for his dogs and give them the ultimate “shout-out” at one of the most televised award shows in the world?   Mickey Rourke won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor this past Saturday night for his performance in the acclaimed movie, The Wrestler.

At the end of his acceptance speech he thanked all of his dogs, the ones he currently has and his dogs who have passed away and as he put it, “Because when a man’s alone,” he added, “sometimes all you got is your dog, and they meant the world to me.”  

Wow!  I’m totally impressed and now The Wrestler movie is a must-see for all us here at Upscale Pup.  Anyone who loves his dogs this much and ain’t afraid to tell the world is definitely worth seeing in our book!