Why I Can’t Bring Myself To See Marley & Me

by Upscale Pup on January 15, 2009

redheartI know, I know, you’re asking yourself if I were such a major dog lover, why wouldn’t I want to see a sweet tale about a beloved family dog? Well, you do have a point.  I do enjoy all things dog, but I simply can’t go see the Marley & Me movie, even though a huge part of me still wants to.

I read the book and absolutely loved it, but I must tell you that I wouldn’t read the ending. I knew what was coming, so I just stopped reading, closed the book, and put it on my bookshelf. Of course, I told everyone I know how great the book was and how you’ll laugh so hard that you should read it alone or people around you will think you’re crazy from all the giggles. I mean, this book is truly laugh-out-loud funny! Towards the end, though, you can tell what is coming and that is where I had to stop reading.

My heart for dogs and the compassion I feel for them is so strong that I simply can’t bear to see a dog suffer in any way, much less die! I know that Marley lived a wonderful life and had an awesome family who loved him dearly, but I still can’t bear it.

I guess I think about my own dogs when it comes to that sad subject of death and I just won’t face the reality of mortality. Dogs simply aren’t here on earth long enough, even if they outlive the conventional “old age” standards of a dog. I personally have three dogs and one of them (my rescued Cockapoo, Fritz) is 16 years old! Plus, I can’t just “close the book” when I’m sitting at the movies and know what is coming. I would be forced to get up and leave and that just wouldn’t feel right to me.

So, I just won’t go to see this movie and I’ll save myself a box or two (or three) of tissues. I think I would rather see the movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, when it comes out on DVD, since I know that it is void of a sad ending and is supposed to be more funny and cute than sorrowful in any way. 

beverlyhillschihuahuaBeverly Hills Chihuahua focuses on subjects I can relate to, such as major spoilage of your pups!  In fact, a couple of the dog clothing designers that we carry on Upscale Pup, such as Oscar Newman and Pampet are seen in the movie!  Oscar Newman is a prominent dog clothing designer that we just love!  Now, these amazing fashions are showcased in the number one Chihuahua movie in the country.

Sorry Marley, but don’t worry, ‘cause I’m still one of your greatest fans!