Keeping Them Warm!

by Upscale Pup on January 3, 2013

Winter is here, with all its fury! Our little furry babies need to keep warm and comfortable during the cold months to come! Our 3.8 pound Yorkie and 5 pound Chihuahua quickly get cold and end up shivering if we don’t keep them warm and cozy. Oscar Newman offers an exquisite line of dog sweaters, from hand embellished to adorable toys included with the sweater. The Oscar Newman Indulge Me Sweater offers and ultra chic, old fashioned style while the Oscar Newman Beary Merry Christmas sweater comes with toy and all! It’s necessary and fun to keep our babies warm. Besides sweaters, don’t forget the nice warm snuggle under the covers as they cuddle up with you at night! It’s fun to have our furry babies!

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