How Do Dog Tear Stain Removers Work?

by Upscale Pup on June 24, 2012

If you’ve ever had to deal with unsightly tear stains on your dog’s face, then you’ve likely wondered what you can do about those yucky brown marks to make them go away. After all, these recurring stains make your adorable dog’s face look, well, not so cuddly. You’ve heard of ways to get rid of dog tear stains, but you’re probably not quite sure they even work. After all, you’ve never been able to completely rid your poor dog of tear stains before on your own. How do dog tear stain removers work?

In order to rid your dog of tear stains, you need to know what causes tear stains to begin with. Believe it or not, those dark brown, yucky stains are not just true tears, but an actual bacterial infection. The bacteria present in the tear ducts and eye area of your small dog creates that staining liquid that becomes a near daily annoyance for you and irritation for your dog. In order to truly rid your dog of tear stains, you need to use products that are actually designed to kill the bacteria and keep it from coming back, while keeping your dog’s face and eyes protected at the same time. Tear stain removers are designed to both rid your dog of tear stains while killing the bacteria at the same time.

So, how do dog tear stain removers work? They work by drying out the affected areas, removing the stains themselves, and providing an antibacterial solution to kill the bacteria and keep it from coming back. Most often provided in a kit, tear stain removers will both kill the bacteria that causes the dark stains and remove the stains at the same time. Even the lightest of dog breeds will benefit from tear stain removers to both relieve their symptoms and in creating a more attractive appearance.

There are several different types of dog tear stain removers on the market, so choose wisely. Your best option is typically to go for a tear stain solution that is safe to use on sensitive skin and puppies. This is a great way to rid your dog of unsightly tear stains, and most dog tear stain remover kits contain a solution, application powder, a jar of soft pads for cleaning, and a stylish bag to carry all the contents in for easy traveling and daily application. You’re best friend will surely thank you for it.

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