Gourmet Dog Treats

by Upscale Pup on June 18, 2012

TrufflesEveryone loves dog treats. We may not all like to eat them, but we like to shop for them, peruse the varieties, and finally watch the glee with which our dogs beg for them. However, when in the market for dog treats, there are dog treats and there are gourmet dog treats. The society hound is only going to dine on gourmet treats, nothing over the counter will do. Luckily for dog owners and breeders, gourmet dog treats are available for the pampered pooch.

When shopping for dog treats, whether it be gourmet or regular, there are two considerations. First we need to select treats which are healthy and which our dogs will eat. Second, we need to find a way to store the treats. No one wants to see the dog treats sitting in the middle of the kitchen table or next to the coffee maker in the bag they came in.

Let’s start with the obvious, the treat itself. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing a tea cup poodle with a big bone. Why not make it a gourmet rawhide dog bone? These dog bones are six inches in length and made of 100% Natural Beefhide. When you purchase gourmet dog bones, they last five times longer than the grocery store variety. Maybe your Great Dane has a sweet tooth just like his owner. Who could not resist a gourmet dog truffle or a treat made with peanut butter? After all, is not everything better with peanut butter on it? Your companion is about to have a birthday; along with the gifts should he not get a cake? Personalized cakes are available for the doggie birthday party for up to two guests. Of course, you can choose the frosting color and pick the inscription.

Finding the right container for dog treats is as important as finding the right canister set for the kitchen. The container needs to be secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Depending upon your décor, a stoneware jar might be the right choice. These jars are not dishwasher safe, but are FDA compliant. If cylindrical stoneware is not appropriate, possibly a 6”x6” square container will fit your uptown style. These containers have a coordinating bowl for those needing all dog accessories to match.

No matter what gourmet treats your dog craves, they can be found and shipped directly to your dog house. Whether it is a Christmas stocking filled with treats or frozen treats, the options are endless. There are gourmet treats to satisfy the pickiest of canine palates.

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