Fantastic Dog Grooming Tools

by Upscale Pup on November 25, 2013



In recent years it has become more and more fashionable to groom your dog, with it becoming such a standard aspect of modern pet care that it is no longer a practice simply confined to the pet salon; it is now a DIY job. Many pet retailers have acknowledged this trend and offer a wide range of dog grooming tools that are not only affordable, but also of professional salon quality. While it is true that the majority of dogs who are subject to this pampering are small and delicate, even large-dog owners are getting in on the fun and having their pooch permed. This article will detail the various types of dog grooming tools available and what they can offer the average dog owner.


A staple of any dog care is the brush and what type of brush to use largely depends on the situation. For removal of dead, excess fur, the bristle brush is used to sweep away all that heavy fur and leave the dog feeling refreshed. Once that has been accomplished, the slicker brush is a fine brush that will gently detangle and soften out the consistency of the dog’s coat.


What about those claws that can get so rough and jagged? This is where dog grooming requires a certain skill. First, your dog must be relaxed enough for you to perform nail grooming tasks, but once they are, you will be able to cut and file into almost any style you please. It is often recommended that you purchase a set of clippers and a set of files as not all clippers will suit every situation and some filing requires a smaller, more delicate brand of file.


Now that the dog is looking good, it’s time to consider which products you may need to really perfect the ‘salon’ experience. Of course, the smell must be a primary concern at this point in the pampering process. While it is possible to purchase your dog dental chews, one effective alternative is a toothbrush specifically designed for dogs (used in conjunction with dog toothpaste) you should gently brush the teeth, gums and tongue of your dog until they are minty fresh. The final tool to utilize in any pampering scenario is the scent, and there are many dog perfumes on the market to cater to your dog’s type, or whatever may strike your fancy.


With personal dog grooming more affordable than ever, there’s no reason to not have your canine friend looking (and smelling) their best.


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