Dogs and July 4th

by Upscale Pup on July 4, 2014

It’s a great holiday for us people….but let’s not forget to take our dogs into consideration during the July 4th celebration!! Some dogs are fine with the commotion of fireworks, but some are not.
Actually, it is the time when more pets run away than any other time.
Here are some pointers to help your fur baby easily flow through the tumultuous time of the loud noises and revelry:
• Try to find a quiet place for your pup during the fireworks….your home, a relative’s home or even a doggie day care. Of course, it will be best if it is a familiar place for your pup.
• If your dog has a familiar place where he/she can snuggle in security; that will be a good place. Be sure to add a clothes item with your scent so comfort.
• Dogs take on your actions….you are the “leader of their pack”. Try to share your happiness and enthusiasm with them and hopefully they will pick up on that.
• Have some of his/her favorite toys and a favorite blanket near by.
• Make sure your dog has identification on them, just in case.
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