Designer Collars for your Upscale Pup

by Upscale Pup on March 24, 2013

reecie diamond collar
An animal can be your best friend. This is sometimes said about dogs in relation to man. It never hurts to buy something special for your favorite pet and designer dog collars are just that. A designer dog collar is a dog collar which is made usually by hand by one individual. The collar may have a signature of the designer’s skill or style. This is one of the best ways to have your animal stand out in a crowd of their own kind. It is your favorite animal more than likely, so why not dress him up some. People walk around every day with what they call their ‘bling’ so why can’t your dog also have their own bling?
One of the amazing things about designer dog collars is you can have them custom made. A designer can take your information and for a premium fee craft a collar that is unique and special, all its own. Imagine a dog collar which separates your dog from all others. These designer collars are also well priced. They are most affordable starting anywhere from eighteen dollars and going as high as just under one hundred dollars. These designer collars can be made in themes, colors and just about anything which can suit you and your dog’s fancy.
Sometimes people enter their animal into dog show competition against other animals. These shows are all based on breed, looks and pedigree. Sometimes a nice flashy collar can make all the difference between two of the same animals. A designer dog collar is the gift to man’s best friend which will always keep giving back. You can have your name and address placed on the collar as well if the animal has a habit of getting loose and running away. Every year almost one thousand dogs go missing because of lack of collars to show their home and address. With a designer collar you not only have the information listed but also an individual statement which can be used to identify your dog in the future.
Our pets do so much for us that we cannot afford to not give them something as fantastic as a designer dog collar. Designer dog collars are just a perfect way of saying you love your dog, so why not take a look at what some designers have to offer in this new and exciting line of doggy fashion.

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