Cute Jewelry for Dogs

by Upscale Pup on July 6, 2012

Jewelry such as shiny colorful charms that can be added to your devoted pets collar are currently all the rage in pet fashion. Who would want to be caught out on the town with their little lady or tramp if she or he was not done up with today’s top designer wears?

There is now hot demand for jewelry meant to adorn your pet pooch. Some choose to have their little fur angel wear special designer rhinestone collars, others have little charms where the tags are hooked on the collar. But it does not stop there, some people even buy fur protective neck-ware and bracelets/anklets for their doggies. There are even some designers that specially create fashion earrings safe for a dog’s ears. How about a couple rings to go around your loving fur babies toes?

These items are typically not meant for daily wear but for nice dress up occasions you have with your furry pets. Maybe you are going to an up-scale party, a dog birthday party, or possibly going to a dog event, like a local dog show looking for little champions. These are the occasions that are perfect for dressing your dog with either an entire outfit completely accessorized with its new jewelry made especially for dogs.

The jewelry is a lot like the jewelry we buy ourselves as humans, it can come in gold, silver or other precious metals or it can also be beaded with fake or even real stones. For bracelets and anklets it is highly recommended to use an elastic type string so it can fit against your dog’s fur and will not easily fall off.

It is also recommended to never fit your pooch with earrings on your own, please take to your local dog groomer that is licensed or your pet’s veterinarian. However it is perfectly safe to put earring in your dog’s ears. Earrings, necklaces, charms and rings can all be bought in sets or sold separately. The different types of charms are typically pet friendly in style like a dog bone, a likeness of its breed, maybe for a sense of fun, even a shape of the dogs arch nemesis, the cat!

Jewelry for dogs can be such a fun thing to do for your animal. The pet loving community loves to oh and ah over each other’s different styles and tastes. Make your pet feel its ultimate beauty by adorning him or her with jewelry for dogs.

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