Classy Travel Accessories for Dogs

by Upscale Pup on February 24, 2013

It is not a secret all dogs love “to go”. It is one of the first phrases they learn, and do they ever learn it well. Nothing makes the average dog happier than riding in the car with his/her human companions. Dogs dislike being left at home. They are more than glad to show you how unhappy by getting into trash receptacles, tearing up pillows, and pulling dirty clothes into the living room during your absence. The best way to avoid these little temper tantrums is to take your best friend with. There are a many options of travel accessories for dogs available.
You would not dare take a child or grandchild for a car ride without placing them in a size appropriate car seat or booster. Why is your four legged child any different? For the safety of the pampered pooch, and other occupants, a car seat is essential. Car seats or booster seats are available in a multitude of styles, sizes, and adaptability. For example, if your buddy likes to ride in the front seat next to you, but the console is in the way; consider purchasing a console pet seat. Granted, this is only for the very small breeds or puppy, but it will keep your nervous Nellie close by to reduce anxiety. These car seats are so cozy due to the lamb’s wool interior and quilted exterior you will want to sit there yourself.
When you get to your destination, no four-legged friend wants to stay in the car while you play outside the car. You and your pet will want to stay together to see the sights, and shop the stores. There are many options of pet carriers and strollers available on the market. Depending upon the size of the dog, and your physical capacities, you may want a purse style dog carrier, or possibly a pet stroller. If your outing includes some time at the home of another, or at an outside venue, it may be wise to bring along a hiding or napping place. Options are endless, maybe a pup tent is just right to keep your dog in view yet secure in an enclosed container.
Persnickety pet owners will also want to include in their pet travel bag, a portable food and water bowl, some toys, and a favorite blanket or pillow to sooth the excited pooch’s nerves. Consider packing the doggie travel bag, like you would a baby’s diaper bag. Never forget a disposable waste bag to pick up after you have visited the nearby fire hydrant.
The options are endless. Your pet should never have to do without the comforts of home when on the go with their human buddies. Styles are extensive, you will have no trouble finding just the right travel accessories for dogs to suit your life style and the life style of your four legged companion.
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