A Little About a Yorkie

by Upscale Pup on January 12, 2014

scarlet and reecie in pouchi bag    A Yorkie is a fun little pup to enjoy life with. Our Yorkie, Scarlet, is a total joy.

A “Yorkie” is really a Yorkshire Terrier, named after a town in England.  The breed originated in England and was popular with the working middle class.  Actually, the dogs were used for hunting rats in the mines and clothing mills. By the Victorian Era, the breed became popular with the upper class and entered their first show in 1861.  They were officially named the Yorkshire Terrier in 1870 and was admitted to the AKC in 1885.

Our Scarlet, typical of the breed, loves attention!  Yorkies generally are known for their dainty, energetic attitude.  They love attention and enjoy a good cuddle, on their own terms.  Scarlet adores her cuddles, until she doesn’t. Then, she will walk away and be content sitting in her bed or off by herself

Yorkies generally are fearless little animals and are certainly not intimidated by bigger breeds. They may chase rodents, so should be leashed in an open outside area.  The breed is known for being friendly, yet can be timid of strangers. They are fiercely protective and eager to please.  Generally they are difficult to house train, not really sure if this is because of their stubborn side, or because they are just too cute to consistently discipline.

The best way to train a Yorkie is through praise. They love it!  The silky hair of a Yorkie does not shed, so this breed is good in the house.

Care includes daily brushing, about 15 minutes, so tangles and mats will not form. They need to be trimmed about every 6 weeks.

Yorkies generally weigh between 4 – 7 pounds, but can grown larger. Our Scarlet is 3.8 pounds and is as feisty as a 15 pounder!  She knows what she wants and will let you know her desires!  However, she is devoted, cuddles and is a pure joy.  She is friendly to her “sister” Chihuahua, her “brother” German Shepard and her new brother, a cat!  She treats each of them as her very best friend. scarlet in LD dress

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