Organic Dog Toys at

by Upscale Pup on August 23, 2016

Upscale Pup offers a collection of organic toys and apparel for your furry friend! The Simply Fido Pet Toy Collection provides:

  • Certified Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Non-Toxic & Chemical Free
  • Low Eco Impact Dye Process
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Saliva Resistant
  • Reduced Toxicity and Allergy Levels

Simply Fido products are made with certified organic cotton and colored in a water bath with dyes from plants and minerals, free of harmful substances, from start to finish.

The toys come in a variety of adorable characters to chose from.

Check them out at:

organic1 organic2 organic3B organic4



Summer Celebrations and Your Pup

by Upscale Pup on April 27, 2016

Summer is a great time for weddings, barbecues, and all around celebrations.  Just make sure you think of your pup around the celebration time.  Often times, the extra people and noise can affect your fur baby.

If your pup is going to be present, be sure to offer him a quiet place to retreat.  Try to introduce him to as many new faces as possible, so he knows these “intruders” are friends of yours, and not to be concerned about.  They are temporarily part of your “pack”.

Lavender essential oil is a great calming agent for dogs. The oil can be applied behind their ears, behind their front legs, or on their bedding.

Check it out here:

Also, perhaps a few toys would be nice for your pup.  If a wedding is on hand, remember your pup with their own champagne toy:

dog perignonn champagneor maybe even some perfume of their own: miss dogior perfume bottle





These items are available at:


Just remember, you are very important to your pup. You are in integral part of his “pack” and only wants the best for you.  Remember the best for them as well.

Happy summer celebrations!


Bicycling with Your Pup

by Upscale Pup on August 3, 2015

Bicycling Adventures With Daisy

When the weather finally starts to get warm here in Colorado (during the last couple weeks of May), my three-pound Maltese, Daisy, and I love to go bike riding together. One of my favorite pet inventions of all time (and I have seen a lot over the years) is the wonderful Sport Cruiser Pet Bicycle Basket!  This incredibly clever product allows me to safely and stylishly bicycle with my little best friend.

I chose the cute lime green color basket since my mountain bike is green and silver and it matches just perfectly.  I’m not a very “handy” person, but it took me only about 20 minutes to assemble my new basket and attach the universal bracket (included with the basket) to my bike’s handlebars.  Because the bracket is designed so well (made in Germany), the basket fits very securely and does not bounce or move when we are riding. Plus, the basket is very attractive and has lots of extra pockets to store my keys, cell phone, snacks, doggie treats, Daisy’s pink Handi-Drink portable water bowl, my digital camera (the one I used to take the bike pictures you see here) and a bottle of water.  Even though the basket is padded on the inside, I line the basket bottom with soft dog carrier blankets. The blankies provide an even more warm, comfy ride for Daisy and I can use them to wrap around her if there is wind or a chill in the air.  The basket also includes a built in strap that attaches to Daisy’s harness, keeping her safely inside the basket.  You will need a harness for you dog to ride, as the strap must NEVER be attached to a collar.

My Daisy absolutely loved her very first ride in the basket!  From what I’ve been told, most dogs have to be persuaded that riding in a bike basket is a good idea!  However, my brave Daisy rode in her new basket for the first time like she had been bike riding her whole life- with zero fear!  If you happen to have a more apprehensive little pooch, I suggest first placing them in the basket and doling out some yummy little dog treats, next, make sure he or she is comfortable and warm before you start wheeling around.  Once they are familiar with their new basket, start adding a slow amount of movement.  Gently walk your bicycle around and around, while softly talking to them and praising them (it also helps to offer more treats during this process).  Once your pup is comfortable with the new movements and sensations, give one more treat and then get on and start biking!  Don’t forget to bring more treats and water for when you take a break along your journey.

Adding to the fun and excitement while we ride along together, we experience lots of waves, happy greetings, smiles, and even squeals of delight from most passersby! People literally come off of their porches and strain necks in their cars to see Daisy.  If you are not in a social mood, don’t go bike riding with your little dog, since it will inevitably attract a ton of attention! On some of our bike rides, we encounter an unexpected rainstorm, complete with hail.  No problem for Daisy, as I simply stop my bike and attach the included protective shade, which attaches quickly and easily.  With the shade, she stays protected from the hail and rain. The shade also comes in handy for shading your pup from the sun’s harsh rays.

Of course, being the Mom of a little fashionista like Daisy, I have to dress her up each time we go out riding.  I usually choose a jacket, sweater or cute little tee shirt and matching topknot bow.  The outfits not only look adorable, but also provide Daisy with extra warmth with all the wind that we encounter (especially when riding downhill).  Plus, our neighbors just love to see the little “dressy diva dog” as they call her.  Our bike rides are something that we both look forward to and it gives me great exercise and we both get fresh air and memorable experiences.  All this writing about our fun bike trips has made me want to go riding again!  It is a balmy 75 degrees today here in Colorado as I write this and just lovely weather for a doggie bike ride. The beautiful mountains and trails are calling and Daisy and I are ready to go now!

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Creating a Custom Dog Room in Your Home

by Upscale Pup on July 31, 2015

Creating a Custom Dog Room In Your Home

I always wanted to have a room in my home that celebrated my love of dogs. Being the Mom of three fur kids, I thought it would be the ultimate way to showcase all of my dog collectibles that I’ve amassed over the years, my puppy-theme artwork, all of my dog’s clothing and accessories, and even my newly acquired dog-grooming table. Being a creative person, it gave me a chance to really think “outside the box,” since I could not find much information or any inspirational ideas or books on this subject. What little ideas I found were either way too elaborate or expensive or far too scaled down and therefore not cute enough for my taste. So, I set out to create something fun, cute, and imaginative, using my own vision. You too can create such a room in your home!

As more and more moms and dads experience their human kids leaving the nest, the fur kids become the primary focus.  Take your one of your empty rooms and create an amazing, fun dog room.  The only limits are your creativity (and budget). Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Pet Armoire
Pet armoires, or dog closets, have really been gaining in popularity in the last several years. As more and more dogs are sporting a wardrobe that is more elaborate (and even sometimes outnumbers) the human members of their family, an armoire just makes sense.  These cute closets help to keep your dog’s clothes organized and wrinkle-free. In addition, you can’t help but love that the clothing is now displayed in an adorable fashion. Many closets come with matching fashionable hangers, but you can always use baby size clothes hangers, as your pup’s wardrobe grows.

Toy Box
A cute toy box or basket is a necessity for your dog room, since you surely need something to display all your dog’s fun toys and keep them in a place where your pup has easy access. Designer dog toys, such as Chewy Vuiton and Sniffany look especially fun and festive when displayed so nicely.

Dining Dishes
There are so many fun and whimsical dog dishes to choose from.   Choose a fancy wrought iron elevated dining set, if it matches your dog room theme.  Or, stick with a darling placemat and matching dishes.  Upscale Pup has so many playful, fun bowl sets to choose from.

Flooring and Paint
The other element you many want to consider for your dog room is the flooring. Soft carpeting and numerous dog theme style rugs create a welcome and fun environment for you and your dog. Choose carpeting that hides stains and dirt.

Paint the walls a soothing color that calms your dog, such as light green, or a pale creamy yellow. Decorate your bare walls with cute framed photos of you and your family with your dog and other dog theme artwork.

Soothing Music
If you plan to have your pup spend lots of time in your dog room, (perhaps while you’re at work), a stereo system or boom box would be a great idea. There are lots of dog-theme music CDs you can play for you dog. Simply set your stereo or CD player to “repeat all” and it will play all day for your pup.  Classical music also works well for creating a soothing environment.

Here’s where you can get really creative and decorate with your favorite theme!  For example, a French Poodle would love a French theme dog room, a Chihuahua lover might enjoy a Mexican or Southwestern theme, and European breed dogs would match best with a Chalet, Mediterranean Villa, a Castle, or a Victorian style room.  It helps to use cues from both you and your dog’s personality to design the room of your dreams.

The choices in this category are enormous.  I put a daybed in my dog room, complete with pillows that are breed-specific (to match the breeds of my own pups) and placed cute dog stuffed animals all around the bed, also to match my dog’s breeds.  Nowadays you can get your dog a chaise lounge or a doggie size sofa.  Be sure that the bedding is not only cute, but comfy as well.

Install a flat screen TV on one of your walls, with a built-in DVD (to play your doggie theme DVDs and dog movies).  This little entertainment system will help to capture your pup’s attention and amuse them while you’re away.

Doggie Door
Consider installing a doggie door, if possible, in your dog room. This will allow your pup to conveniently access their fenced yard while your away, when nature calls. Be certain that your fenced yard is completely secure.

Luxury Custom Dog Houses
Of course, if you really want to create something truly decadent, consider having a custom doghouse made for your pup.  Be aware that things have really changed since the days of the “Snoopy” style doggie houses! Several companies create the most amazing dog mansions; so luxurious you will want one, too.

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Coconut Oil for your Pup

by Upscale Pup on July 21, 2015

People seem to be returning to cleaner eating these days. And, we can’t forget our best friends; they need to be remembered also!  One “newly rediscovered” success story is using coconut oil with your pup. There are many benefits and below will be listed only a few:

  • Helps the skin and coat radiate
  • Helps with the digestive system
  • Assists the immune system fight off unavoidable evils
  • Tastes great and helps your pup radiate with happiness

Here’s an example of this healthy treat for you and your pup, Cocotherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil 8 oz


  • Cold Pressed and bottled hours after harvesting
  • Highest quality human-grade oil
  • No trans fat
  • Excellent source of medium chain fatty acids and antioxidants
  • 8 fl. oz.

My pups LOVE it when I put a small amount in my hand and they lick it off. It’s a real treat. Also, it can be used topically for hot spots, chaffed skin or cracked paws to speed healing.  Once they lick it off my hand, I just rub the rest in!!

Interested in giving it a try?  Here you go:


The Dog Days of Summer

by Upscale Pup on July 20, 2015

“The Dog Days of Summer” is a familiar saying.  Did you know it goes back to the Ancient Greeks?  The Dog Days refer to the hottest days of summer, mainly July and August in the Northern Hemisphere.

How do you and your pet enjoy the “Dog Days of Summer”?  A few tips to remember:

  • If the pavement is hot for you,  it is also hot for your dog.
  • The inside of a closed car is not place to leave a pet.  They can suffer greatly from the extreme heat and could experience dehydration and even death.
  • Summer walks are always enjoyable!
  • A dip in the pool is fun, maybe take your furry friend along for a cool splash.
  • Another idea is a bicycle ride!  Here at Upscale Pup, we offer bike baskets that a pooch will ift perfectly in. One brand even had a shade cover to keep Princess cool from the blazing sun.



Most of all, enjoy these “Dog Days of Summer”.   Your pup loves to be wherever you are!  It certainly does not matter “where”…..just that you are by his side.


Happy summer!


A Trip to the Vets

by Upscale Pup on June 18, 2015

Well, when I grabbed the leashes and said, “Let’s go for a car ride,”  you can imagine the excitement on my sweet dogs’ faces!  Little did they know, they were heading to their least favorite place, the shot factory!  Time for yearly check-up and shots!

Actually, the appointment went quite well, until the vet talked to me about my little baby’s teeth. Although I only feed hard dog food, and give bones as much as possible, my little 3 pound Yorkie had a mouthful of bad teeth. Of course I felt like a negligent mother and nearly cried when I thought of the extractions that were going to need to take place.

The vet assured me that this was a common problem among small dogs, so I felt a bit better.  The cleaning and extractions went…okay…and now we are all on the road to recovery.

However, that got me to thinking. My dogs needed some type of dental health…what could it be.  I found some chew toys that were made with thermoplastic rubber, beneficial to removing plaque on dogs’ teeth. Although my little guys could not even fit the toys in their mouths, my German Shepard sure could!  I hastened to purchase several and have enjoyed using them with my “big guy”.   I hope this help to alleviate any upcoming plaque problems.

Here are some pictures of the ones I selected. They retail for $13.99 and $9.99, but they are part of our toy sale at    They are on sale for $4.99 each…a real steal!

Here are pictures of two of them: tennis tug detail

This one is the Tennis Tug:

Great for interactive playing..and only for $4.99!


fundamental treat tugAnd the Treat Tug:

It is fun because a treat can be hidden inside the green area, which makes it even more fun for the dogs… a matter of fact, make the treat a Breath Be Fresh Dog biscuit: and we can really get this problem licked!


Happy times with your pups.  They are each such amazing animals!



Safety in the Car

by Upscale Pup on July 19, 2014

When you get ready to take a car or boat ride with your pup…..everyone gets excited! What a great time is anticipated!!
Safety is certainly an issue. It is tempting to put your furry love in you lap and head off. However, this is not really the most practical means of transportation.
Some dogs do well in carriers. Some carriers double as a car seat.
However, for the pup who likes to look out and be “close” to momma or daddy, a really cool item is available. It is called the Pawrider.
This item attached to the seat belt and keeps your baby free, but secure. It is a very popular item here at Upscale Pup and if you don’t yet have one, you might like to give it a try.
It’s simple, easy and safe.
Have a great excursion, and be at peace!
pawrider detail1pawrider detail 2


Dogs and July 4th

by Upscale Pup on July 4, 2014

It’s a great holiday for us people….but let’s not forget to take our dogs into consideration during the July 4th celebration!! Some dogs are fine with the commotion of fireworks, but some are not.
Actually, it is the time when more pets run away than any other time.
Here are some pointers to help your fur baby easily flow through the tumultuous time of the loud noises and revelry:
• Try to find a quiet place for your pup during the fireworks….your home, a relative’s home or even a doggie day care. Of course, it will be best if it is a familiar place for your pup.
• If your dog has a familiar place where he/she can snuggle in security; that will be a good place. Be sure to add a clothes item with your scent so comfort.
• Dogs take on your actions….you are the “leader of their pack”. Try to share your happiness and enthusiasm with them and hopefully they will pick up on that.
• Have some of his/her favorite toys and a favorite blanket near by.
• Make sure your dog has identification on them, just in case.
Happy July 4th from


Summer loving with your dogs

by Upscale Pup on June 10, 2014

It’s about summer time, time for your upscale pup to be dressed out in some fine designer dog clothes for the special summer outings…..and don’t forget to bring along your dog’s favorite designer dog toys for playtime.
One would think that the small dogs would really enjoy the small dog toys and the larger dogs would prefer the larger toys. Well, that is not always the case!
For instance, in our family, our 90 pound German Shepard loves the smallest toys that are carried at Upscale Pup….the mini curly pets. Of course, the toys do not last long once he gets a hold of them, but he will cuddle, bite, toss, chew and adore those little curly toys.
Our 3 1/2 pound Yorkie could care less about any toys. We will enthusiastically get one all ready for play, and she will toss up her little nose and walk right by.
Our 5 pound Chihuahua is another story all together. She loves to play catch….with the medium sized toys. She has her special designer purses that she will spend hours playing with. She does not care for the mini toys, but prefers a toy just about her size! Not her weight, but her length. Thank goodness the German Shepard is not so inclined to desire one his size!
We enjoy gathering all of our fur babies’ plush toys, put them in a outside toy basket, gather some snacks, water, a few blankets and head out side for an afternoon of fun. It’s so much fun to have a great time with dogs. They don’t come back complaining or mad at another playmate. They simply enjoy the time and attention offered to them.
This summer will be the best time to grab some designer dog toys, grab the food and water and take some time to enjoy your pups. It will be well worth the time and effort. Have fun!!dogtoyset