A Trip to the Vets

by Admin on June 18, 2015

Well, when I grabbed the leashes and said, “Let’s go for a car ride,”  you can imagine the excitement on my sweet dogs’ faces!  Little did they know, they were heading to their least favorite place, the shot factory!  Time for yearly check-up and shots!

Actually, the appointment went quite well, until the vet talked to me about my little baby’s teeth. Although I only feed hard dog food, and give bones as much as possible, my little 3 pound Yorkie had a mouthful of bad teeth. Of course I felt like a negligent mother and nearly cried when I thought of the extractions that were going to need to take place.

The vet assured me that this was a common problem among small dogs, so I felt a bit better.  The cleaning and extractions went…okay…and now we are all on the road to recovery.

However, that got me to thinking. My dogs needed some type of dental health…what could it be.  I found some chew toys that were made with thermoplastic rubber, beneficial to removing plaque on dogs’ teeth. Although my little guys could not even fit the toys in their mouths, my German Shepard sure could!  I hastened to purchase several and have enjoyed using them with my “big guy”.   I hope this help to alleviate any upcoming plaque problems.

Here are some pictures of the ones I selected. They retail for $13.99 and $9.99, but they are part of our toy sale at www.upscalepup.com.    They are on sale for $4.99 each…a real steal!

Here are pictures of two of them: tennis tug detail

This one is the Tennis Tug:  http://www.upscalepup.com/product.php?productid=17765&cat=279&page=1

Great for interactive playing..and only for $4.99!


fundamental treat tugAnd the Treat Tug:


It is fun because a treat can be hidden inside the green area, which makes it even more fun for the dogs…..as a matter of fact, make the treat a Breath Be Fresh Dog biscuit:   http://www.upscalepup.com/breath-be-fresh-dog-biscuits.html and we can really get this problem licked!


Happy times with your pups.  They are each such amazing animals!



Safety in the Car

by Admin on July 19, 2014

When you get ready to take a car or boat ride with your pup…..everyone gets excited! What a great time is anticipated!!
Safety is certainly an issue. It is tempting to put your furry love in you lap and head off. However, this is not really the most practical means of transportation.
Some dogs do well in carriers. Some carriers double as a car seat.
However, for the pup who likes to look out and be “close” to momma or daddy, a really cool item is available. It is called the Pawrider.
This item attached to the seat belt and keeps your baby free, but secure. It is a very popular item here at Upscale Pup and if you don’t yet have one, you might like to give it a try.
It’s simple, easy and safe.
Have a great excursion, and be at peace!
pawrider detail1pawrider detail 2


Dogs and July 4th

by Admin on July 4, 2014

It’s a great holiday for us people….but let’s not forget to take our dogs into consideration during the July 4th celebration!! Some dogs are fine with the commotion of fireworks, but some are not.
Actually, it is the time when more pets run away than any other time.
Here are some pointers to help your fur baby easily flow through the tumultuous time of the loud noises and revelry:
• Try to find a quiet place for your pup during the fireworks….your home, a relative’s home or even a doggie day care. Of course, it will be best if it is a familiar place for your pup.
• If your dog has a familiar place where he/she can snuggle in security; that will be a good place. Be sure to add a clothes item with your scent so comfort.
• Dogs take on your actions….you are the “leader of their pack”. Try to share your happiness and enthusiasm with them and hopefully they will pick up on that.
• Have some of his/her favorite toys and a favorite blanket near by.
• Make sure your dog has identification on them, just in case.
Happy July 4th from www.upscalepup.com


Summer loving with your dogs

by Admin on June 10, 2014

It’s about summer time, time for your upscale pup to be dressed out in some fine designer dog clothes for the special summer outings…..and don’t forget to bring along your dog’s favorite designer dog toys for playtime.
One would think that the small dogs would really enjoy the small dog toys and the larger dogs would prefer the larger toys. Well, that is not always the case!
For instance, in our family, our 90 pound German Shepard loves the smallest toys that are carried at Upscale Pup….the mini curly pets. Of course, the toys do not last long once he gets a hold of them, but he will cuddle, bite, toss, chew and adore those little curly toys.
Our 3 1/2 pound Yorkie could care less about any toys. We will enthusiastically get one all ready for play, and she will toss up her little nose and walk right by.
Our 5 pound Chihuahua is another story all together. She loves to play catch….with the medium sized toys. She has her special designer purses that she will spend hours playing with. She does not care for the mini toys, but prefers a toy just about her size! Not her weight, but her length. Thank goodness the German Shepard is not so inclined to desire one his size!
We enjoy gathering all of our fur babies’ plush toys, put them in a outside toy basket, gather some snacks, water, a few blankets and head out side for an afternoon of fun. It’s so much fun to have a great time with dogs. They don’t come back complaining or mad at another playmate. They simply enjoy the time and attention offered to them.
This summer will be the best time to grab some designer dog toys, grab the food and water and take some time to enjoy your pups. It will be well worth the time and effort. Have fun!!dogtoyset


A Little About a Yorkie

by Admin on January 12, 2014

scarlet and reecie in pouchi bag    A Yorkie is a fun little pup to enjoy life with. Our Yorkie, Scarlet, is a total joy.

A “Yorkie” is really a Yorkshire Terrier, named after a town in England.  The breed originated in England and was popular with the working middle class.  Actually, the dogs were used for hunting rats in the mines and clothing mills. By the Victorian Era, the breed became popular with the upper class and entered their first show in 1861.  They were officially named the Yorkshire Terrier in 1870 and was admitted to the AKC in 1885.

Our Scarlet, typical of the breed, loves attention!  Yorkies generally are known for their dainty, energetic attitude.  They love attention and enjoy a good cuddle, on their own terms.  Scarlet adores her cuddles, until she doesn’t. Then, she will walk away and be content sitting in her bed or off by herself

Yorkies generally are fearless little animals and are certainly not intimidated by bigger breeds. They may chase rodents, so should be leashed in an open outside area.  The breed is known for being friendly, yet can be timid of strangers. They are fiercely protective and eager to please.  Generally they are difficult to house train, not really sure if this is because of their stubborn side, or because they are just too cute to consistently discipline.

The best way to train a Yorkie is through praise. They love it!  The silky hair of a Yorkie does not shed, so this breed is good in the house.

Care includes daily brushing, about 15 minutes, so tangles and mats will not form. They need to be trimmed about every 6 weeks.

Yorkies generally weigh between 4 – 7 pounds, but can grown larger. Our Scarlet is 3.8 pounds and is as feisty as a 15 pounder!  She knows what she wants and will let you know her desires!  However, she is devoted, cuddles and is a pure joy.  She is friendly to her “sister” Chihuahua, her “brother” German Shepard and her new brother, a cat!  She treats each of them as her very best friend. scarlet in LD dress


Coconut Oil for Dogs?

by Admin on January 10, 2014

Coconut Stars productA natural healthy treat, medicine and benefit for your dog can be plain ole virgin olive oil.  The oil can be applied externally for the coat and skin, or given internally for a variety of benefits.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps produce healthy supple skin
  • Promotes a smooth glossy coat
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces cancer risks
  • Maintains a normal thyroid function
  • Minimizes arthritis

We simply put a small bit of firm oil in our hands, and let our Yorkie and Chihuahua simply lick it off the palms of our hands. It is considered a real treat as well as a great benefit.  We are more liberal with our 85 pound German Shepherd!  For the bigger dogs, build up to 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds.  Begin slowly, with about 1/4 teaspoon and build up the amount over a month or so.

This natural medicine for your pup offers luric acid that helps prevent bacterial and viral infections.  It can also be mixed with food to entice finicky eaters.  Enjoy!  Offer the best, naturally to your furry friends!

We offer an all natural CocoTherapy Coconut Oil, Coconut Stars and Coconut Chips at Upscale Pup.  Our dogs equally enjoy them all and reap the benefits!

Coconut oil 8 oz



Upscale Pup is Christmas Ready

by Admin on December 16, 2013

Upscale Pup


866 738-8245

Christmas Ready!!

Upscale Pup is ready for Christmas! What a great time of the year for upscale pups and their owners! We have received many new Christmas items this year including:
Much more!

Bakery Ready!

Our very exciting addition this year has been our bakery! All treats are made to order and are made from only human grade, healthy ingredients. Some of the items include:

Iced treats
Seasonal Pupcakes
Birthday cakes
Birthday party packages
Breath-be-fresh biscuits
More being added daily

Free Gifts Ready!

You all are the best customers around and Upscale Pup appreciates you and your loyalty! This Christmas season we are offering the following specials to you, our customers:

Fresh treats with every order
Free gift wrapping upon request
Free stuffed toy with every order

Thank you and God Bless!

We at Upscale Pup wish the very best for you and your household.

Enjoyment with your fur babies
Time to relax with family and friends
Enjoying the true meaning of this Holy Season
God’s blessing on each of you
Merry Christmas!!


Advantages of Cinnamon for your Dog

by Admin on December 14, 2013

breath be fresh dog bonesI think it’s a well known fact that chocolate is your furry best friends enemy. That is one food we want to avoid at all cost for our pups.
However, were you aware of the advantages of cinnamon for your pup? It is a good addition to your dog’s diet, especially for those with arthritis or diabetes.

Actually, there are several advantages to adding a bit of cinnamon to your pup’s diet:

• Improves circulation
• Acts as an anti-inflammatory
• Helps relieve pain in joints
• Helps regulate blood sugar
• Lowers cholesterol levels

Please feel to check out some of our healthy treats in our bakery at www.upscalepup.com

Thank you!


Fantastic Dog Grooming Tools

by Admin on November 25, 2013



In recent years it has become more and more fashionable to groom your dog, with it becoming such a standard aspect of modern pet care that it is no longer a practice simply confined to the pet salon; it is now a DIY job. Many pet retailers have acknowledged this trend and offer a wide range of dog grooming tools that are not only affordable, but also of professional salon quality. While it is true that the majority of dogs who are subject to this pampering are small and delicate, even large-dog owners are getting in on the fun and having their pooch permed. This article will detail the various types of dog grooming tools available and what they can offer the average dog owner.


A staple of any dog care is the brush and what type of brush to use largely depends on the situation. For removal of dead, excess fur, the bristle brush is used to sweep away all that heavy fur and leave the dog feeling refreshed. Once that has been accomplished, the slicker brush is a fine brush that will gently detangle and soften out the consistency of the dog’s coat.


What about those claws that can get so rough and jagged? This is where dog grooming requires a certain skill. First, your dog must be relaxed enough for you to perform nail grooming tasks, but once they are, you will be able to cut and file into almost any style you please. It is often recommended that you purchase a set of clippers and a set of files as not all clippers will suit every situation and some filing requires a smaller, more delicate brand of file.


Now that the dog is looking good, it’s time to consider which products you may need to really perfect the ‘salon’ experience. Of course, the smell must be a primary concern at this point in the pampering process. While it is possible to purchase your dog dental chews, one effective alternative is a toothbrush specifically designed for dogs (used in conjunction with dog toothpaste) you should gently brush the teeth, gums and tongue of your dog until they are minty fresh. The final tool to utilize in any pampering scenario is the scent, and there are many dog perfumes on the market to cater to your dog’s type, or whatever may strike your fancy.


With personal dog grooming more affordable than ever, there’s no reason to not have your canine friend looking (and smelling) their best.



Toys Just For Puppies

by Admin on November 17, 2013

beginnings cow


Pets are amazing creatures. However some of them require a lot of upkeep. Take for instance a puppy. One of the most playful creatures on this Earth, the puppy loves to play with everything. They explore and they bite, gnaw and even tear things apart. This is why toys just for puppies are important.


Now some people scoff and laugh at the idea of toys just for puppies but they could never be more helpful. For example, if your puppy likes to gnaw on things you may want to invest in some chew toys. Chew toys for puppies are help as they can be alternatives to say your furniture as well as be very healthy for the growing puppy’s teeth. If you have ever found yourself with multiple pets you’ll know very well that puppies love to play with other animals. However some animals such as cats may want to be left alone. This can lead to violent chases through the house or even the cat scratching in defense at the playful puppy. To the puppy it’s a game but to the cat it’s trying to protect itself and its space. This is why it may be a good idea to invest in some plush toys for puppies.


Plush toys for puppies come in many different designs and styles. You can buy them a stuffed animal which could act as a friend, there are stuffed dog bones and even stuffed versions of household items which the puppy can lay claim to all its own. There are also themed toy sets you can buy for your puppy such as a box of bones or a hideaway toy with rabbits in a hat. Some of these may seem silly but why is it silly to give a puppy toys but perfectly fine for a kitten to have its own toys? 


If you can get over the stigma of puppies and dogs being viewed as animals who aren’t playful and simply vicious you can then have a lot of fun with your puppy if you supply him with enough toys for him to express his playful nature without destroying your home. When you have toys just for puppies like with anything else the puppy can be occupied and left to its own devices in peace and without fear of destroying anything.


Animals are amazing creatures and they serve us well as pets but we need to not only take care of them physically – there is also a mental state for an animal which we must look after as well.